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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + [Plus] | Review

Hey everyone!

Today I will be sharing my opinion of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + cream with you all! I have suffered from moderately bad acne since I was 14, and therefore, seven years on, it is easy to start to feel that it is impossible to find a product which will actually have a positive, noticeable impact on my skin. As well as being blemish prone my skin is very oily and sensitive to new products, therefore, trying out new things can actually make me break out even worse.


I had tried a sample of this product a couple of years ago and it worked amazingly, but being a student I put off buying it, opting for cheaper options. Around four weeks ago I purchased a 40ml tube of this product while it was on offer in Boots, and i’m so pleased that I did. At normal price it retails for £15.50 RRP.

La Roche-Posay introduce this cream as anti-blemish, which is formulated specifically to target key signs of oily and blemish-prone skin. This includes; correction of the appearance of blemishes, unclogging blocked pores and fighting against appearance of marks and scarring caused by spots. It is non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores), contains no parabens and has been tested under dermatological control to ensure that it is suitable for sensitive, acne prone skin.


This is a product which comes with pretty easy instructions for application. I researched this product on blogs before I bought it, and I could never find a definitive answer for when people thought was best to apply it. On the Boots website it states to apply to the entire face morning and evening, after cleansing with Effaclar Purifying Foaming Cleanser (which I also use). It can be used alone or with a moisturiser, and I saw that some people believe it has priming qualities if you apply before make up application.

I personally like to apply this product in the evening only. I ensure all my make up has been taken off, cleanse with the Foaming Cleanser, and then apply the product to mainly my problem areas. As you only do get 40ml in a tube, I feel like simply smearing it all over my face would be a waste of product. Therefore, I apply it to my chin, cheeks and forehead. I also apply 10% benzyl peroxide onto these areas too. Every other night I apply Effaclar Duo Plus to my nose, as it does regulate oil control over night , and this is the area in which gets most oily. I don’t apply it here every night though as it does make my nose get very dry and flake if I use it here to often.

On application it has a gel texture to it, but it is definitely a cream rather than a gel. It soaks into the skin very quickly, and I do not feel like it leaves any sticky residue on the surface. The smell is very refreshing.

After using this product for four weeks I can honestly say it has had such a positive impact on the appearance of my skin. At the start of application I had the worst skin I have ever experienced, including cystic acne, and it got to the point where I would do anything to control the breakouts. For the first time in years my skin feels smooth to the touch, and I have only had a couple of spots within the last few weeks actually appear on the skin. Although I do use this product with other skin care products, I feel it is this one which has had the most impact.

Through letting it work with my skin throughout the night, I feel it has unclogged my pores and soothed my skin. I find it is very easy to want a ‘quick fix’ when it comes to blemishes, and this normally results in me choosing the harshest product possible just because I am so desperate to get rid of them. As someone with sensitive skin I have not found Effaclar Duo Plus to be irritating at all.

To conclude, I really like this product as it feels like it works into my skin and soothes on application. As someone with fairly bad breakouts it would be a miracle to find a product which completely makes my skin clear, but this is one which has had the most impact in making me much more confident with mine. This also leads to me having to apply less make up to cover my skin, which in turn leads to less clogging of pores! It is a great product, and one which I recommend you to experiment with to find out how it works best with your skin.

You can buy it from Boots here or Feel Unique Here

What is your experience with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Plus? What is your secret to blemish free skin?


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2 thoughts on “La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + [Plus] | Review

  1. Oh my goodness this is so good to know! I have had cystic acne since I was like, 17? 18? And I’m 25 now. I hardly had any acne during puberty when I was SUPPOSED to have it. If I ever see this product I’ll pick it up. Awesome review, you were so thorough! 😀


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