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Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Pure Hollywood’ Liquid Lipstick | Review


If there is a particular type of product which can always draw me in, it is a matte liquid lipstick! I got given this lipstick as a present for my 21st, and it has become one of my absolute favourite lip products to wear.

img_1533If i’m being honest, before I had received this lip product I had only heard of Anastasia Beverly Hills due to their popular ‘Dipbrown Pomade’, so was very eager to see what this product would be like. Firstly , the packaging looks fantastic! After many uses mine is looking a tad worse for wear now, but overall it looks and feels of high quality. I am a fan of anything rose gold, therefore the band around the tube made this a winner for me!

This product is retailed for $20.00 (or £16.33 equivalent).


Anastasia Beverly Hills market this product as being an intensely pigmented liquid formula which ”delivers a rich, long-wearing matte look to the lips’‘. They state that it is a full coverage colour with a non-drying formula which is currently available in 32 shades. I think that companies find it difficult to create a matte finish lipstick which still hydrates the lips, and therefore I am normally cynical about these types of seemingly contradictory claims.


Pure Hollywood is a shade which is described as a ”pale mauve nude”, and on a fair complexion like mine it is a cool toned pale pink shade. I have seen many blog posts about this product (I like to research products AFTER I am in possession of them too!), and it is a shade which looks completely different depending on your skin tone. I feel like it is an easily wearable colour for most people, but if you are looking for something which will show up more pink and you have a darker skin tone , this may not be for you.


I would say that this matte liquid lipstick is one of the best that I have ever tried. The lipstick’s wand ensures that application is easy as it glides over the lips, and after a couple of minutes it is completely dry. The finish is very matte, unlike other products which can vary in how matte they actually are once applied. I like this about this product though, as very matte is what I want from a lip product.

This product, once on the lips, can last me a good few hours on the lips before having to be reapplied- but I feel you could get more wear out of this product if your lips aren’t as prone as getting dry and chapped like mine do. This is a negative I have found about the product, it does make my lips very dry and therefore they can look flakey quite quickly from it. When you try to apply more over the top to touch it up it can just ‘cake’ on the lips, and I would suggest wiping it off and starting again if you wanted to reapply.

Whilst wearing it , it feels very thin (much like I have heard the Kylie Lip Kits do), and this is also something I like. Although, as it is this thin it doesn’t mask the texture of the lips as other lipsticks would do, therefore if you are sensitive to lines on your lips this may not be a good product for you.

Overall, I do love this Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick and I would be keen to try other shades in the collection! It may be a bit more hard work to wear if you are sensitive to dry lips, as it can make them look a bit chapped and cakey if you keep on reapplying the product. But, apart from this the colour pay off is fantastic and it is a proper matte liquid lipstick!

Have you tried any of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks?


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