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Today’s post is not going to be the most glam, but I really wanted to show this product to anyone who may suffer with acne prone skin. Around July time this year I decided that enough was enough, and that I needed to find products which actually would help to clear up my skin. I had the idea of researching what products are prescribed to people with acne and the ingredient ‘benzoyl peroxide‘ appeared.


I found it very hard to actually find an online retailer which I could get this cream from, and eventually ordered it from Weldricks Pharmacy  for £3.29. The brand they stock is ‘Panoxyl‘. They do also have special offers in which the more packs you buy the greater the saving (which I will definitely take advantage of next time I order)!

This product comes in different strengths; 2.5 % for those who get few spots, 5% for those who get a mixture of bigger and smaller spots and 10% for people who get regular breakouts. As I was so desperate for my breakouts to disappear I opted for the 10% option!

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

The formula is very lightweight. I would personally say it is more a cream consistency than a gel, and they recommend a thin layer should be applied once daily. It is worth mentioning here that they specifically state that using a lot of product will not be anymore effective than a thin layer.

I apply this cream on an evening after I have cleansed my face with the Effaclar Foaming Cleanser. It advises you only apply once a day and when I have applied it twice a day I found that it make my skin very sore and it went quite red. So, I like to apply this just before bed to ensure that it can work with my skin overnight.

I apply it daily to my cheeks, forehead and neck and only apply it to my chin and nose when it is needed. I do this because I find my chin and nose go very flakey and dry when it is applied in these places and therefore it can make make up application very difficult. It is one of those things which you have to watch how it reacts with different areas of your face and apply accordingly.

Since using this product I have found a massive reduction in breakouts on my face. It has completely cleared up the breakouts on my neck which I used to really struggle with, and keeps most spots at bay on my cheeks and forehead. I would advise using a good moisturiser under your make up during the day to replenish the moisture in your skin which you may lose when using this product.

Overall, this is a product which I wish I had known about years ago! It is so hard to find a product which will actually work on breakouts and as it contains a key ingredient which is prescribed for acne treatment I feel like it is an absolute bargain for just three pound! If you struggle with breakouts I really suggest you look into this brand as this product has been a saviour for my skin!

Have you tried the Panoxyl brand before? What is your Holy Grail Skincare product?

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