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MAC ‘Morange’ Lipstick | Review and Swatches


Today I am going to do a review of a lipstick shade which MAC describes as a ‘loudmouth orange’. I first fell in love with orange lipstick back in 2014 when I was obsessed with Zoella, who around that time seemed to constantly be wearing that shade of lip colour. I found the most extreme shade of orange lipstick I could find and that is when I bought ‘Morange‘!

As with all standard MAC lipsticks it currently retails for £15.50.


This is the first ‘Amplified Creme’ finish MAC lipstick I owned (I normally stick to Matte), and the colour pay off is definitely amplified!


Morange‘ is a very bright neutral toned orange. This is definitely not a colour which everyone would be comfortable wearing, but if you are confident enough to wear it I think it looks fab! It is an extremely pigmented formula and the swatch above was done in one swipe. As  it is not a matte shade I was quite worried about how long the wear would be, but I find it lasts me around 5 hours before I have to touch it up.

As a very bold, bright colour I think it was vital that MAC formulated it to be creamy and not settle into fine lines on the lips. It does not feel drying at all either.

You can wear this shade as either a full on lip colour or as a stain. I prefer to wear it as a stain on a daily basis as I feel this way it is much less maintenance than keeping on top of a full on orange shade.

As you can see from the pictures, it is not a shade which I reach for often but this isn’t because I don’t love it. When it comes to lipsticks I am very lazy, and if I know I have a day at work or university I don’t want to be having to check up on my lipstick every twenty minutes to make sure it hasn’t faded or smudged.

I think this shade is a fantastic statement lipstick which would brighten up any look. Its amazing pigmentation and long-wearing formula make it different from any lipstick I have tried, which is something I have found sets MAC lipsticks apart from any other brand. Even if this is not the shade for you, have confidence in the fact that MAC are pros at lipstick formulation.


Have you tried ‘Morange‘ or any of the MAC amplified lipsticks before?

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