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Sensationail ‘Pink Pawn’ Polish | Review and Swatches

Hi everyone,

So a couple of weeks ago I posted a Sensationail First Impressions Haul on this blog and you guys seemed to really love it! I decided that I would do a review of each gel polish colour I own as a mini series on this blog as quite a few people were intrigued to see how long they actually last.


Sensationail describe this shade as a ”pink mauve gel nail polish which is a medium neutral colour with a gloss finish that can be worn with everything”. I purchased it for £15.00 during a 3 for 2 offer at Boots.


This is how I typically have my set up when i’m doing my nails, sat on my bed with a pillow in front of me to rest my hand on (soo professional!). I use alcohol wipes, gel primer, gel base and top coat and lamp alongside whichever colour I have chosen. If you want a blog post about step by step application then let me know.


This is how my nails looked after application. The photo on the left is in normal lighting and the one on the right with flash switched on. I feel that the colour applied beautifully, especially seeing as my nails are not in the best condition at the moment. As you may be able to see, on a couple of nails I did apply a bit too much product but I think that is error in the fact that i’m not very precise rather than it being a fault of the polish!

I find this colour to be one which goes with everything, and it is not the kind of colour which I will get bored of after a few days as it is so universal.


These are how my nails looked after 14 days of wear! For each of these polish reviews I will wear it for the 14 days which sensationail states they should last chip free. During this time I chipped my polish ONCE (on the middle finger). I noticed around day 10 that the polish looked like it was coming away from the nail , and a day later a tiny bit chipped right on the tip of my nail. Seeing as I use my hands quite a lot to type, and move bits around at work, I was very happy with how long this polish lasted on my nails!

I am in love with this nail polish colour and I am very impressed with how long it has lasted over the couple of weeks wear. I’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date with how I find the other polishes I picked up wear aswell!

What is your favourite shade from the Sensationail range? Are there any specific colours you’d like me to review?

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