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Soap & Glory ‘The Perfect Ten’ Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not posting for a few days- I’ve been occupied with so much work at uni!

Today I am going to show you one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes. In 2014, Soap & Glory released ‘The Perfect Ten’ limited edition ten-shade shadow palette. I bought this palette the first year it came out, and since I have seen countless reviews raving about it! So I thought i’d share with you the shades it contains which I love, and the ones which I don’t find myself reaching for.


It retails for £10.00 from Boots (its reduced in price since I bought it!) and is featured in Soap & Glory‘s Christmas gift range.

Please excuse how tatty mine looks after so much usage!!

The outer packaging isn’t really anything special. That being said, it is a £10.00 palette so its not the end of the world if its not the most stunning product.

The packaging is very slim and compact. It has a magnetised lid which is strong enough to ensure it doesn’t constantly flip open and it did come with a double ended brush (which I have lost). It is the perfect palette for travel as it is so compact and can slip easily into an overnight bag.


The ten eyeshadow shades are; Vanilla, Minky, Pink T, Aubersheen, Gold Coast, Taupe Cat, Sunset, Brownie, Black Gold and Smokin‘.


(From Left to Right)

Vanilla; This is the lightest shade of the palette. It is an off-white colour, and could be used as a base colour to use all over the lid as it is matte. I tend not to reach for this shade as it is a bit too stark white for me, and it is also quite chalky.

Minky; I think it is quite clear by the picture of the pan that this is my favourite shade by far! To me, this is the perfect shimmery pink which I can quickly use on a daily basis to add some colour to my lid. It is quite subtle, as you can see from the swatch, but it is just so stunning on the eye that I am going to buy another palette again just for this shade!

Pink T; A matte pale, baby pink. It feels exactly like Vanilla when swatching, and is another shade which I don’t tend to find myself reaching for. It is quite a flat shade when on the eye, but could be good for some people to use as a base colour. It is just as chalky as Vanilla.

Aubersheen; I would describe this as a shimmery, dark Taupe shade. I like to use this as a transition shade between Taupe Cat and Brownie. It is fairly pigmented and can be a nice colour to also just use all over the lid for a quick make up look.

Gold Coast; This is a shimmery gold colour which I absolutely love! It is slightly less shimmery than Minky and Aubersheen, creating an almost metallic look on the eye. This colour is also very nicely pigmented and I use it at the end of creating a smokey eye to create a pop of colour in the middle of the lid.


(From Left to Right)

Taupe Cat; A beautiful taupe shade. This is the second most used colour in this palette, and is one which I now reach for on a daily basis now that Minky has run out. For nights out I use this as the base shade for a smokey eye.

Sunset; I would describe this shade as a shimmery. burnt orange-gold colour. I have had quite a lot of use out of it , and use it to give a pop of colour to a smokey eye (just as I would with Gold Coast). I would say that I don’t tend to reach for this shade as much as I do Gold Coast, as I feel it is a bit more of a statement colour.

Brownie; A very pigmented, shimmery dark brown shade. This is my go to shade for my crease. It blends out perfectly, and you can build up the intensity depending on the event you want to wear it for.

Black Gold; To me this shade is just very forgetful. It is a matte black eyeshadow, but it lacks pigmentation. This does make it easier to blend and you can add it in small amounts to slightly darken an eyeshadow look- but I never find myself being excited to use it. I just feel like there are a lot of other black shadows which are better. Although, it is worth mentioning it is finely milled, and not as chalky as Pink T and Vanilla.

Smokin’; Looking at this shade in the palette it is easily the one which has been used the least. Firstly, it is a black shade which contains gold glitter, so why is this not called Black Gold instead?! Secondly, it took me a fair few swipes to build up the colour for the swatch. Again, its a very forgetful colour which I never find myself being drawn to when doing my eyeshadow.

Overall, I find six out of the ten shades to be absolutely stunning. For the price of the palette I feel like the money is definitely worth it as I prefer the shades I do like to much more expensive, higher end alternatives. It is compact, which makes it easy to take travelling, and I find the colours very blendable and easy to work with. All ten shadows considered, they last all day on the eye, without any creasing or oiliness. I would definitely recommend you try this palette!

Have you tried this palette before? What drugstore palette do you love?

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